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Were you downtown, Sunday, October 16, 9am-6pm? I was! What a fun day! I also did the 5K. Hillcrest Photo has pictures available of the race. I wasn't able to take pictures during the 5K.
Dan just emailed our 5K times. I had no idea we were being clocked! How did you do?

Now, let's take a look at the events from the 5K and the Band+Aid On Broadway!

Chuck and I started our warm up with a walk through downtown at 7:00am. Town is quiet; but they are getting ready.

The runners/walkers from the 5k will end here at the Walgreens parking lot. We were given free food and water.

The Exxon had their promo sign giving the 5Kers well wishes

A look down Broadway. In a few hours, there will be thousands of people here

And the excitement begins....

Band+Aid On Broadway Events Map

Thank you for making this a great event!


Our Veterans of Foreign Wars. Thank you for your service!

The Denville Farmer's Market had a whole section set up on Broadway.

These two cuties even made an appearance!

The Staging Area at Band+Aid On Broadway

The Sunrise Rotary Club made Duck Cakes for a fund raiser. Ahhh, they are too cute to eat!

Safe to assume there is a Jets Fan amongst us? :)

One of the salons used this fuzzy to promote body waxing. :)

Love the popcorn maker

Chuck would have loved to have met this pair of australian shepherds that came to Band+Aid On Broadway.

I told this 5K Runner to smile. Is he? LOL!

5K Runners getting ready

Thank you all!
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